Þórdís Gerður Jónsdóttir


Þórdís Gerður Jónsdóttir is an Icelandic cellist who plays both classical music and jazz and likes to mix her favorite elements from the two genres in her playing and improvising as well as in her compositions. She is currently in the process of mixing and mastering her first solo album, Vistir, with her own compositions and pieces from the classical era in new arrangements. In 2019 Þórdís, has been playing with many different groups, such as the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, Caput new music ensamble, Umbra ensable (medieval and renaissance music), in the musical Matilda in the Reykjavík city theater and as well as leading a jazz band playing and arranging classical and cabaret music by Kurt Weill with the cello as a leading instrument. As a member of Cauda Collective chamber music ensamble Þórdís recieved a three month artist salary from the Icelandic state for the year 2019. This August Þórdís is moving to Denmark to study more cello and classical music with Henrik Brendstrup. While studying jazz in 2010-2014 Þórdís finished a B.Sc. in nursing from the University of Iceland and in 2019 she finished a postgraduate diploma in public health sciences. Music is her main job but a few times per month she works as a nurse in the paediatric emergency room in the Icelandic University Hospital.